Studio Policy

Dance Saskatoon

Studio Fees

We accept post-dated cheques or Visa/MasterCard as methods of payment.

These are the installment options:

Cheques – Dated 1st of each month to be made out to: Kristy’s Dance Fusion Inc.

9 post-dated cheques Sept-May
3 post-dated cheques Sept 1 (Sept-Nov), Dec 1 (Dec-Feb), March 1 (Mar-May)
1 cheque for the full year tuition dated Sept 1 (2% discount)

Credit Card – (Visa or MC)

Every 3 months – Sept 1 (Sept-Nov), Dec 1 (Dec-Feb), March 1 (Mar-May)
Yearly – Full tuition (2% discount)
We do not accept monthly tuition payment by credit card.
5% GST will be applied to all dance tuition

Late Fees

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. A 3% late fee will be added to accounts on the 10th of each month if tuition has not yet been paid. Other charges separate from tuition amounts will have a 30 day payment expectation before the same late fees are charged to accounts.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $30.00 + GST is due at the time of registration to secure your spot in dance classes. This fee is per family. This fee is non-refundable.

Costume Deposit

A costume deposit of $50.00 per class registered is due 5 days after you have received your dance schedule. This deposit will be subtracted from your costume invoice that is sent out when the costumes arrive for our Year End Dance Showcase and Competitions. The costume deposit becomes non-refundable on October 31.

Returned Cheques (NSF)

A $25.00 NSF fee will be charged on any returned cheque. If a client has 2 NSF cheques, their account will become cash only and 3 months of dance tuition will need to be paid in advance.

Withdrawal from Class

If a student wishes to discontinue class, we request a written request of cancellation. Any attendance during a month constitutes a full month’s tuition.

Class Placement

Class placement is up to the sole discretion of the Director and Instructors. Factors involved in determining class placement include: number of years of dance training, technical strengths, number of hours of training per week and age.

Dress Code

Proper dance attire must be worn during dance classes. Students will not be permitted to dance in street clothes, please see additional information on dance attire for female and male students. Undergarments should be thoughtfully concealed.


Hair must be pulled back in a bun or ponytail for female dancers and brushed neatly off the face for male dancers. This is proper dance etiquette.


Our studio attends two competitions each season. Competitive groups are invited to attend with the studio, usually around the age of 7 or 8. First year competitors will be informed of the “ins and outs” of competition. We choose competitions we feel will be a positive environment for the children. The dancers perform their Year End routine at competitions which allows them to showcase their talent (and costume) one more time.


Dancers in competitive groups are to be enrolled in ballet class. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and works to strengthen the dancer’s overall technique. Training in ballet class will help to keep opportunities open for dancers as they progress through their dancing year. Strong technique will allow the dancer to pick up other styles of dance more quickly. Please talk to your instructor about the benefits of Ballet.

Choreography: Solos, Duos and Trios

Solos, Duos and Trios may be requested and submitted in a “Wish Box” in September. The Director and the Instructors will discuss those requests and decide upon extra competition routines. Solos must be earned during the course of the dance season and will be thoughtfully selected by the staff. Factors involved in the decision making process: level achieved in desired genre, training in competitive ballet classes, reliable attendance, similar dance skills for a duo/trio, showing good sportsman like conduct toward fellow dancers in all dance related activities and demonstrating a positive and helpful attitude in class toward fellow dancers and instructors. These extra routines will perform at competitions and our Mini Showcase Charity Event.


It is important for the students to have good attendance. Missed classes will cause the dancer to fall behind in the work being taught. Commitment contracts will be in place for competitive dancers. In competitive groups, two absences from class will be accepted. If the number of missed classes exceeds two, a meeting may be called and that dancer could face being removed from a competitive class setting.

Competition Etiquette

We will kindly and respectfully ask that students and their parents conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when representing Kristy’s Dance Fusion at public events.

No Tolerance for Bullying

Bullying in any form will NOT be tolerated. Privileges within the studio (ie: solos, class assisting etc.) could be taken from a dancer if a case of bullying is discovered.

Exam Classes

Absence from exam classes may result in the dancer not being able to take part in the exam process.

Dual Studio Enrollment

Kristy’s Dance Fusion offers a quality dance education in a variety of dance disciplines. Any competitive student wishing to take dance classes outside of the studio must request permission from the studio director.

Parent Viewing

Each year, we hold Parent Viewing weeks so our families can see what the dancers have been working so hard on. For the 2020/2021 dance season, Parent Viewing will take place via Zoom Meeting.

Gum Chewing

Gum chewing during dance classes will not be permitted.

Studio Parking

The parking lot directly behind our building will be open to parents or students to use after 5:00pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday. We ask that you please leave the first couple of spots open for our staff – they are marked “Kristy’s Dance Fusion Reserved”. The parking lot can be accessed by the small strip of pavement directly beside (North) of our building. Please exit the parking lot safely past the red Loraas bin and through the public alley. It is often a tight squeeze to exit this lot, so please exercise caution. The large parking lot beside our building to the North is private property of Furniture World. We ask that parents and students please do not enter or cross through their parking lot during drop offs or pick ups as it is private property. When parking or dropping off along 1st Avenue, please exercise caution as there is often downtown traffic travelling along this section of road. Drop off on the same side of the street, or cross at the corner for safety reasons.

Dance Protocols in Response to Covid-19 (July 2020)

What we are doing:

The safety and health of your child and our staff is of the utmost importance. These guidelines have been decided as of August 2020 and may change as the “Re-Open Saskatchewan” plan continues to evolve. We want our dance studio to continue to be a safe, caring environment for your child.

• Lobbies will be closed. A greeter will meet your child at the outside door and welcome them into the studio and direct them to their class. This process will begin 5 minutes prior to class starting.

• We will have more details coming regarding which door your child’s group enters and exits. A senior student or a dance graduate will be visible as a GREETER and will help to facilitate this process.

• Greeters will be wearing a mask. Instructors will wear a mask for when the dancers are entering and exiting the dance studio. Hands on corrections will be kept to the very minimum. If an instructor does need to approach a child he/she will wear their mask and both teacher and dancer will hand sanitize.

• All class times will be shortened by 10 mins to allow for our cleaning protocols to take place in between each class. This includes: cleaning the floors, cleaning the barres, cleaning the door knobs and light switches and the teacher’s work station. Tuition will not be discounted. A one-hour class becomes a 50-minute class to allow for cleaning protocols but you are still charged for a one-hour class. If restrictions are lifted by the Public Health Agency of Canada in regards to the cleaning protocols in high traffic areas, we will extend the class times. If we have back to back classes with the same students in both classes, we will run straight through the extra 10 minutes.

• Each studio will have 6-foot squares taped out on the floor. Dancers will stay in their 6-foot square for any center floor work we do in class. We may use the ballet barres (distancing 6 feet apart) and we will dance across the room while maintaining social distancing. (The ballet barres will be sanitized in between each class.)

• Each dance studio will be equipped with a large TV and a laptop. There will be a Zoom option during each and every class. If a student is ill, running a fever or has been exposed to Covid they will automatically be on the Zoom call for their class. If a student has an immune compromised parent and would prefer to ONLY be on Zoom, we can accommodate that. If you would feel more comfortable registering for “ZOOM ONLY” right now, we can accommodate that. If we are shut down again due to an outbreak all classes will immediately be moved to Zoom and will run at their regularly scheduled times. Tuition will continue just as it had during in person classes.

• Acro students – you will need to purchase a 1 – inch yoga mat that you bring to each and every Acro class.

Special Note regarding Pre-school classes: Ages 3-4 Creative Dance and Toejammer Tap – This combo class is now 1 hour long and will have 2 parts to it: Creative Dance and Toejammer Tap. Students must register for the full 1-hour combo. We are turning our small studio into a “holding area” for one parent of each Pre-school student. This is Studio 3. Chairs will be spread out 6 feet around the room. The dancers will take their class just down the hall in Studio 2 and when it is time for help changing their shoes or if a student needs a potty break we will have our class assistant come to get you. Parents will assist and then head back to their “studio holding room”. This will be your hour to relax but you can have peace of mind that you are in the building and just a few steps away during these unprecedented times. We will ask one parent to stay for the duration of the one-hour class. No additional children (siblings) or parents can accompany you. This is based on the restriction we are under regarding physical distancing 6 feet apart, and the number of people we can fit in each room.

• Masks – Our instructors will have a mask on at the start of class and in between classes in the hallways. We feel it is a really good idea for the dancers to enter and exit the dance studio with masks on. We will be distancing 6 feet apart upon entering and exiting the building but a mask would be peace of mind in the event the children do become closer. They are children and we have to understand they will forget at times. Masks are optional for before and after class. Once they are in their studio, they will have a special spot to place their dance bag, they will remove their mask (if wearing one) for the dance class as will the teachers. If a teacher needs to approach a student for any reason he/she will put on their mask and both will hand sanitize. If a child comes to class and is exhibiting symptoms of illness that are concerning, the teacher will ask the student to wear a mask (or a disposable one will be provided) and the child be taken to a more safe and secluded section of the dance studio while they wait for their parent to pick them up. The parent will be contacted.

• Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the building. Upon entering the building each dancer will be asked to use hand sanitizer.

• We have closed our water station. The microwave is unavailable for student use at this time.

• Our 3 washrooms will be cleaned often during dance classes. Paper towel dispensers have been installed in all washrooms, there are no more hand towels.

What we Need you to do:

• Watch your child for any symptoms of illness. Symptoms should be disclosed to the office and your child should take their class from home in real time on Zoom.

• If your child or someone in your immediate family has been exposed to someone with Covid-19 please self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days and take your dance classes on Zoom. Or return to dance after a Negative Covid-19 test result has been received.

• Please have your child come dressed in their dance clothes underneath their street clothes.

• Please have your child’s hair pulled back in a neat bun for Ballet class. And a ponytail or bun for other classes.

• Snacks for long nights should be contained and easy to eat. Use of our plates, utensils or the microwave are not possible at this time. We are a nut free facility. Please remind your child, no sharing of snacks.

• We encourage dancers to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building. Dancers will be asked to remove their mask when the dance class begins.

• Bring your own water bottle from home, with your child’s name on the bottle.

Questions or Concerns

Our professional staff will be willing to answer any questions you may have during the dance season. Please call the office at 306-382-7277 or email us at with questions or concerns.

We reserve the right to cancel dance classes on days of exams or dance competitions.