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Saskatoon Dance Lessons

Saskatoon Dance Lessons

Top Reasons to Sign Your Child Up For Saskatoon Dance Lessons at Kristy’s Dance Fusion:

If you’re like most parents today, you’re probably looking for an activity or sport to get your child involved in. If your research has led you to Kristy’s Dance Fusion, you’ve found the most popular dance studio in Saskatoon. Dance lessons at Kristy’s are available for kids and teens of all ages, from pre-school to high school- and even beyond! Give your child the foundational advantage of learning the basics of traditional dance and then provide them with the environment where they can grow in their love and mastery of the art. Kristy’s offers numerous options in dance, from pre-school Creative Dance classes to Hip Hop classes for high energy excitement and fun. Check out just a few of the reasons why Kristy’s is known throughout the area as the best place to study dance.

- Kristy’s Dance Fusion offers traditional Ballet classes, considered the art form that is the foundation to all other types of dance. Ballet will benefit your child in all areas of their life and is highly recommended to any student wishing to strengthen and improve other core classes. Kristy’s teaches proper technique, body alignment, and precision of movement. Your child will absolutely love Ballet class- and it’s open to both boys and girls.

- If your child has never taken a dance class but is interested in experiencing the thrill and the love for the art, Hip Hop class will give them an opportunity to match music to movement in a way that will begin to develop technique and get them involved in a fun exercise-type of dance class. It’s open to boys and girls who are looking for dance that follows the latest moves in the music video industry. This is a high-energy, calorie-burning dance that is superior to any aerobic class you’ll find in a gym. Get signed up on Kristy’s ‘Registration’ page or stop by to find out if there are current openings.

- Your child with previous experience in jazz and ballet will love the Lyrical dance class at Kristy’s. Steps match emotional pieces of music and are designed for mature, traditional dance students. If your child has strong technique and want to express their emotions through dance, the Lyrical dance class is the perfect class, and it’s open to boys and girls.

Kristy’s Acrobatique Dance class incorporates the elements of gymnastics, jazz, and tumbling with basic contortion and will allow your child to exhibit cartwheels, handstands, chest rolls, walkovers, aerials, and more while becoming a more versatile dancer. This is one of the most popular Saskatoon dance lessons you’ll find in the area. Professional spotting is provided to ensure safety and to build confidence as students explore the art.

Registration in Kristy’s classes fill up quickly, so get your child signed up early to ensure placement. Click on the ‘Registration’ link to see number of current openings, instructors’ names, class day & time, and tuition fees. Feel free to call the studio at 306-382-7277 with any questions.

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