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Saskatoon Dance Classes

Saskatoon Dance Classes

Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up For Saskatoon Dance Classes at Kristy’s Dance Fusion:

- If you’ve been giving thought to getting your child(ren) into a good dance studio, there are numerous reasons why you should choose Kristy’s Dance Fusion, and even more reasons why dance should be your first option for an activity to get them involved in. Feel free to check out Kristy’s Dance Fusion’s website in your search for the right studio. You’ll find a wealth of information at your fingertips.

- Today’s society does not champion physical health, so it’s no mystery that activities that lead to good health are taking a hit as more and more families find it acceptable to allow their children to sit and play on their electronic devices day after day. Saskatoon dance classes at Kristy’s will give your child a great workout in a fun and exciting environment they’ll look forward to every week. Any child who regularly engages in dance as a physical activity can expect to enjoy continued physical health, or an improvement in their health if they are not already in top shape. Kristy’s Pre-school Dance and Toejammer Tap will give your child a great foundation for a healthy life.

- How often is your child positioned in a situation that prioritizes positive socializing? Chances are, their classroom environment or playground area is not structured in such a way that capitalizes on team development, communication, cooperation, or trust. Dance classes can provide an exceptional opportunity for positive social experiences, and can develop strengths and character that will last a lifetime. At Kristy’s Dance Fusion, children of all ages learn to work and play together from day one.

- For cognitive development, nothing is quite like dance. Pre-school dance classes for ages 3-4 are ideal for learning how to respond to music and rhythm. As initial verbal communication continues to develop in pre-school children, using music and rhythm as a means to express their feelings and thoughts can lead to deeply-ingrained habits that follow through into adult years. Creative Dance, for ages 3-4 is one of the most popular classes at Kristy’s. For 30 minutes, once a week, your child will learn the fundamentals of Jazz with ballet technique that will teach your child to interpret dance through basic movement. Both boys and girls love Pre-school Dance!

- Saskatoon dance classes at Kristy’s Dance Fusion are designed for boys and girls alike. This is a stark difference when compared to most other sports and activities that are designed to develop your child. Dance was not designed to be a gender-exclusive activity. Kristy’s does a great job of making young boys and girls feel welcome and comfortable as they explore dance or tap.

Feel free to visit Kristy’s Dance Fusion online to find out more about classes, the faculty, registration, and more. Click on ‘Our Blog’ for articles and information about the studio and dance. If you’d like immediate answers to your questions, call 306-382-7277.

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