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Saskatoon Creative Dance

Saskatoon Creative Dance

How Saskatoon Creative Dance Classes at Kristy’s Dance Fusion Benefits Kids:

- If you thought creative dance was just another class to keep your child engaged in a social activity, you may be underestimating the power of creative dance. Kristy’s Dance Fusion offers pre-school Creative Dance for ages 3-4 as a foundational course for learning the basics of jazz and ballet technique. You may be looking around for a physical sport or activity to get your pre-schooler involved in; if that’ the case, we highly recommend creative dance. Consider just a few of the benefits your child will experience from getting into a class:

- Creative Dance is a fun, exciting, and creative outlet for the unique energy pre-schoolers are known to possess. If you’re not already providing a healthy outlet for that excess energy, you’ll find creative dance offers an opportunity for your child to personally express themselves in a way that is not possible at home. Kristy’s provides a safe and exciting environment for pre-school children to match music with body movement as they develop new skills and learn fundamentals of dance.

- Academic teachers agree- creative dance improves classroom performance across the board, regardless of which subject mentioned. If your child is participating in creative dance, chances are they will perform better when it comes to retaining information and passing tests. As a means to reinforce the basics in education, like counting, multiplying, and dividing, nothing is as powerful as dance. Give your child the best start in their formative years by providing a safe and engaging place to study dance. Kristy’s Saskatoon Creative Dance is specifically designed for 3-4 year old pre-school students who will be going into kindergarten soon. Make sure your child enters academics with a head start.

- Creative Dance champions an active lifestyle, and let’s face it, that’s something that is not encouraged in today’s society. If you’ve ever been out in a public setting and watch as a family engaged in electronic device mesmerization, you can attest to the fact that most parents are content to allow their kids to sit and play games rather than engage physically. Empower your child to develop strong physical fitness habits that will last a lifetime. Start by signing up for Creative Dance at Kristy’s Dance Fusion. Your child will love creative dance classes and will want to continue their lessons year after year as they grow in their discipline of the art.

Sign your pre-schooler up for Toejammer Tap that is scheduled immediately after Creative Dance, for a second 30-minute class that will make it convenient for you to drop them off for both classes, minimizing commute time. Toejammer Tap is the perfect complement to Creative Dance, and is open to both boys and girls ages 3-4. Contact the faculty at Kristy’s Dance Fusion by calling 306-382-7277 if you have questions or wish to speak with a dance teacher,

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